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No-one's born, no-one dies. No-one loves, so no-one cries.
And we wait to see just what we will become.
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21st-Jun-2008 07:42 pm - is it the 9th day of summer already?
neuf. so lots of things happening. busy summer. ive been going to annies alot to strip paint. wooo. i didnt find a job actually. i didnt get any call back which means no job for christine. oh well. i dont have experience so no one wants to hire poor ickle me. anyways. stripping paint isnt too bad. the only thing that sucks is when theres a sticky spot that needs extra force. thats about it. but its good for the money woes that i currently have.
oh! so ive been learning to play guitar for almost a week now and i think im doing pretty good. calluses are coming in soon i believe. i can play the intros to alot of songs like, boy who blocked his own shot (goal is to learn the whole song before summer ends,) smoke on the water, and handlebars. oh! and mary had a little lamb too. although i have a hard time memorize them. i changed the strings and tuned the guitar the first couple days. things got a lot easier when i got an electric tuner though. my guitar goes in and out of tune really quick because it was such a cheap guitar. when i play more better i think i'll get a new one. i named my guitar rippner. because it likes to rip up my fingers. and because i love red eye. but also because when i wanted to name it jackson i kept oon imagining my friend jackson's face. so yeah. i also want a new bike because mines is sooo shitty. the gears change while im riding which isnt fun at all, especially when youre crossing at a busy intersection. and one of my brakes are shot too. i'll maybe end up getting this bike  and i think its at a nice cheap price too. i dont know how i'll order it though. it doesnt seem like walmart has it in stores.
yesterday tony and elliot came over we watched sweeney todd. elliot came late because he went camping the day before and got a bug bite. and hes allergic. so he ahd to go to the hospital because he didnt drain it...? we got ice cream.  and blah blah. ahhh i looove sweeney todd. i swear i can watch that movie almost as much as i can watch red eye.
today we went to waterworld! or raging waters. but i still call it water world. it just sounds better. we got reallly tan. but my flat tan is still there.
woo fun stuff.
14th-Jun-2008 08:50 pm - jour deux d'été.
@ vicki: noooooooooooo. tell me who it is. ive been curious all year! but i never get the nerve to ask you because i think you'll think i'm too desperate. (the whole year i was leaning towards melmel(mel?) but i dont know anymore. is there more than one? noooooooo! ahhhhhh! i'm, 100% sure that anyone but me will get to sam faster than i ever will. its like a downhill race but somehow i'm going uphill instead. GAH.
elliot is a guy that annie met. he's also like somewhat bff with sam so that equals more connections for me. i probably shouldnt be telling you because annie really wants to be the one to tell people have me not blab it out to everyone. its sad because basically everyone BUT me talks to sam. i think the only time he said something with my name in it was saying bye. and that was a very good day too. jesus christ i swear there is something wrong with me. i've got a really bad case of sam-itis. on the big posts, i actually have something to write about so it becomes a 'vicki' post. automatically. we should go swimming or something. me and annie are hanging alot at the pool and her house this summer, you should just drop by one of these days and we can watch sweeney todd.

so day two. was good. i went to annies house. we biked to raleys. and then biked to target. got some sharpies, sharpener and two little blow up kiddie pools. biked back and did alot of CO2 transfer to blow up the pools. just hanged out and such and talked about her loooooverr. its really fun to tease her about it and ive got to stop making up random cheesy stories. typical annies house day. oh oh and we got some colored leggings that really make us looks like hookers. its really funny.
(non-french speakers: we went to the movies with the boys.)

and it was fun. although i have to say it was a little awkward at the begining because i didnt know either of them so i was just hanging on to annie the whole time. eric drove us down to arden and we watched kung fu panda which was a cute movie. i learned alot from it. that movie was life changing. definitely. i did not know jackie chan or lucy liu was in it. very surprising. i didnt even know until the end credits. i tried to make small talk. it was pretty hard actually. especially when annie went to the bathroom. i should have gone with her to avoid it but i really wanted to try to get to know them so i decided to stay behind. we went over to arden and had a really hard time deciding where to go. we also saw jennifer! i bought kh1 and ffx for my brother. some hand sanitizer and hello kitty pencils. it was funny, they refused to go in there! too pink i assume. but theres something about the sanrio store thats so intriguing that i HAVE to go in there. even if i dont have alot of money, i HAVE to. then later on im like "why did i spend 5 dollars on a pen?" then we went to best buy and elliot bought fable. the last one. i think i heard my brother start yelling. hes been asking for that game for months and all along its been hiding out at best buy. waiting to be bought by elliot. we stopped by grandma elliot's house on the way back home.
overall i think it was a pretty good way to start the summer. i thought eric was a cute guy but nothing compares to sam (yes, still.) i dont think that he was having as much fun as i was but oh well, a set up failed (was it a setup?) on the other hand, annie and elliot are just too adorable. now ive got to tease her every minute. aside from that, according to my inspections of elliot he's a good guy. perfect for annie. and hes a redhead. go figure.
oh oh we also watched superbad before we left for arden.
the last day of school. if you didnt see me, you missed out on christine in 4 inch heels, curls, and a dress. you missed it sukkka! and if you havent seen me in a long while (VICKI) then you would have noticed i started experimenting with makeup. its so hard to do! now that i started i cant stop. look what annies made me become! all my finals were pretty good. i even got a B- on my french final which i concidered my hardest final that i studied for. i think my grades are alright no Ds and just one C. sweeet. i havent had an F all this year! yaaaay. i probably got a 3.5 or at least a 3.1 GPA. less stress on grades ment more attempts to talk to sam. i think i actually suceeded more in june that the whole entire year. we played pictionary in soehbrads and it was great. i skipped the final day and last day of AP bio in 4th period just to go to soehbrad. i pucked up the courage to actually try to make small talk with it. i had one of those internal conflicts in the 10 seconds between saying nothing or asking him if he was taking french next year. and he said yes. and its funny, i'm taking french. the class where i want to jump out the window, shoot everyone in the class except for a selective few, and/or strangle myself. i really want to try more. to talk to him, get the courage to say hi in the hall, ask him for a pen, ANYTHING. i'll never get another chance if i dont do. but i wont be able to do it if i'm not in any of his classes. if im not in any of his classes it will just go to annies roger situation.
why am i so difficult? why cant i handle rejection? why cant i just say hi, dammit. why, sam? why?
... okay i'm done. now to go off and plan operation massy: manipulation.
vicki. we need to hang out. sooon. and whats wrong with skipping lines all the time, huh?

Today was a day to remember. crazy eyeliner vs. too much eye shadow. drawn on french moustaches vs. drawn on goatees. stuffed animals vs. stuffed animals. christine vs. annie.
and i must say. it was pretty epic. we did about 45 minutes of fort building. and then 10 minutes on army organizing. i got tackled. and i fell. when i tried to overtake her fort.
it did not turn out well. many people got sprayed with the bottle.
theres not much else to write about.
but i do want the cake.
27th-Oct-2007 07:24 pm - note to self...
im a bad friend. i actually dont think its just me that thinks that either. i dont keep in touch. i dont comfort. i cant be a shoulder to cry on.
its almost sad really because i dont even really try.

firstly, i havent even tried to meet up with my friends that i dont see anymore. its just one myspace comment after another. of course we try to plan things so we can meet up but i can never go. either i dont have a ride or secretly dont want to go. almost 98% of the time i dont have a ride. its not that i dont want to go. i think i dont want to go through the trouble of looking for a ride to and back. and it makes me really feel bad that i can never keep in touch unless its convienent for me (example picnic at william land.)

i really cant confort anyone for shit. you cry. i feel awkward and just stand there basically. its not that i dont care, because i do. its because i dont know what to do. sympathy is easy but comforting is hard. for me at least.  even if youre not crying and youre feeling down, basically all i can do is attempt to cheer you up. but attempt is never good enough. all i can do is leave you alone for a bit and pray for you to feel better on your own. and thats fuckin selfish of me and i know it. theres no way around it. i cant help you.

and im so fucking jealous of those that can.
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