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No-one's born, no-one dies. No-one loves, so no-one cries.
And we wait to see just what we will become.
A new slight obsession for me is Jun Matsumoto. I finished both… 
16th-Oct-2008 09:57 pm
A new slight obsession for me is Jun Matsumoto. I finished both season of hana yori dango and i just love it so much. I never realized how much the taiwanese version sucked. Shanley is sucking me into the world of asian dramas! Next is hana kimi i beleve and then its death note. Nothing will ever top Cillian Murphy but there has been a lack of Cillian news lately. Although I did draw a very nice drawing of him a week ago and i'll probably do one again of him for Art (or maybe Leon hmmm...) School has been alright I suppose. It doesnt feel like its as fun as last year but oh well. My least favorite classes are probably stats and english. soo very boring and i have a feeling mr. kwong doesnt like me very much.

Rice is very nice but its sooo tiresome. i'd rather have mr. gatten again and his montoneous voice. Government i dont really worry about and jablonski is so nice :D Art is fun and i'm not sure if i want to transfer to regular psychology again for second semester to learn everything for the third time. AP psych is easy peasy and i love mr. griffin. everything is just repeated over again and i have a slight advandage over all the HISP kids. (muhahaha.) Publications is fun too. I get to test out my super amazing entertainment writer skills. and the news paper comes out next week and im excited.

SAT scores are going to be posted next week and i really hope i did better this time. I'm very very confused about college applications and It appears i'm not going to apply to any UCs. I honestly dont want to but my mom just keep pushing me to apply to Davis. Its insane and impossible. My first choice right now is SF state. mostly CSUs are colleges i have in mind. I dont know what i want to major in. its a three way between Psychology, Journalism, and Criminology. Ahhh! and then the financial aid and scholarships! I dont even know if i can afford everything!
College Night is tommorow.

I'm also looking for a jobs right after applications are over. I need money and at this moment i have $0.78. total. I'm trying to be optomistic and hopefully get a call back from Freeport Bakery still. I mean come on! I had a second interview. But if it doesnt work out i'll move on and blah blah.

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