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No-one's born, no-one dies. No-one loves, so no-one cries.
And we wait to see just what we will become.
Theres so much shit going on. 
18th-Jan-2009 10:50 pm
Honestly, I use the word honestly waaay to much. I don't know what it is about that word but its just so appealing. I too, like Vicki, has (have?) ignored my livejournal for too long.
Anyways, finals week is this week and I'm stressing out! Ahh! I really don't want to have any C's but i really doubt that I wont dip into the C cookie jar. Stats and Psych is where I'm really worried. Psych shouldnt be that hard given that i took it last year already but somehow i still have a C! which is ridiculous and if i totally bomb the final its going to be really embarrassing. Stats, I'm trying to study as much as i can. i even went to a study group today at round table! Oddly enough many many CKM kids were there and even ms myles which is rather awkward. I also found out that i'm totally out of shape! the bike ride there was exhausting! I need to start doing real exercise. I knew i should have taken a class at city college :[ I actually got work done at round table which i found surprising. Helen is such a life saver! I need at least a 60% on the final to maintain my C in the class! it doesnt sound too hard but i always do really bad on tests.
My zen is finally working! My ipod is now passed on to my brother and hello to 8GB of music! yaayyy! I'm so excited. I'm also very excited about this laptop i'm typing on! my uncle got it for my mom for some random reason after she had her surgery. I really hope i can take it to college with me because that would be wooonderful! I got into SF state and SJ state but i'll probably go to Sf state. I cant wait for moving day. seriously.
Friday was insane. i got a super papercut from the plastic part of a five star notebook. also 4th period was a train-wreck. honestly, im so dissapointed at annie. also im a tad disgusted.and im tired of it. and ive lost all respect after saturday. im alot of things right now. and i cant really describe whats going on in my head because theres just too much. i cant really say anything either. i dont really have a good reason for why i cant say anything. im hoping the problem will just go away if i ignore it. come august it will. and thank god for that day.
Also a boohoo for this month, colin moved away! to new mexico! oh durn. people always leave.
but manchester orchestra wont.

19th-Jan-2009 09:01 pm (UTC)
D: wow, we really do need to catch up. what's been going on with you guys?

when do you have psych? try going through the quizzes and the vocab stuff and other extras on the website. haha i was at the round table study group but only from about 6-8. mrs. miles always goes there on saturdays during second semester to study with kids for the ap test and so we managed to get her to come this saturday for help on our finals xD
23rd-Jan-2009 06:44 am (UTC)
lots of crazy things that i really need to sweep under the rug.
i have it 5th period and i thought the final was relatively easy.
i wish all teachers were like ms. miles, shes so helpful!
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