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No-one's born, no-one dies. No-one loves, so no-one cries.
And we wait to see just what we will become.
13th day. 
25th-Jun-2008 09:57 pm
so lets seee. i've been posting alot lately because i dont have alot to do on the computer when waiting for me to be tired to go to bed. so i just post random things that ive done today or whenever i didnt post. helping annie strip paint is almost over. we've got the cupboards left and then its off to sanding. the cirtrustrip is really painful if you get it on you. but at least i didnt get it that bad on me. yesterday elliot was over and i felt really out of place. annie and elliot probably wanted to be all mushy mushy and i tried to give them as much private time as possible. reeeeeallllyyyy awkward.
the first hour was really awkward because apparently it seemed like i hated elliot...? which i dont. maybe a dash of jealously that i now have to share the annie attention. but thats about it. maybe i push my sarcasm a little too far but its only because i dont know what else to say! so i tried my best to be nicer and such. i think it went well. we watched some videos on youtube and then batman on tv.
annie made me my CD and i cannot stop listening to the sweeney todd songs. agggghhhhh. such a bad idea to give me those songs. and alot of stars songs that i need to start listening to but i cant stop listening to johanna!
today was the first day i was in a church. i helped annie out with the church things for the summer blast. it was fun and lots of water and screaming kids. i really need to start back on the guitar. ive been taking too long of a break. but sadly i left the guitar at annies house. again! stupid jesse and darren with their stupid guitar/piano playing/singing. the church looks exactly like i imagined a church would be. but the outside kind of reminds me of a castle. and with the organ playing i was expecting dracula.
i got a really cool bracelet and pretty earrings at this one store. i dont know what its called but annies mom was nice enough to buy it for moi.
yaaay. tommorow is swimming with elliot and briana and annie. it will be fun and they can have their alone time then.
23rd-Aug-2008 06:34 am (UTC)
hey christine!! happy birthday!!!!! sorry i really havent hung out with you or annie in the longest time. i'll make up for it this year, i swear!! anyways, i hope you had an awesome day today!!!!
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