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No-one's born, no-one dies. No-one loves, so no-one cries.
And we wait to see just what we will become.
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18th-Jan-2009 10:50 pm - Theres so much shit going on.
Honestly, I use the word honestly waaay to much. I don't know what it is about that word but its just so appealing. I too, like Vicki, has (have?) ignored my livejournal for too long.
Anyways, finals week is this week and I'm stressing out! Ahh! I really don't want to have any C's but i really doubt that I wont dip into the C cookie jar. Stats and Psych is where I'm really worried. Psych shouldnt be that hard given that i took it last year already but somehow i still have a C! which is ridiculous and if i totally bomb the final its going to be really embarrassing. Stats, I'm trying to study as much as i can. i even went to a study group today at round table! Oddly enough many many CKM kids were there and even ms myles which is rather awkward. I also found out that i'm totally out of shape! the bike ride there was exhausting! I need to start doing real exercise. I knew i should have taken a class at city college :[ I actually got work done at round table which i found surprising. Helen is such a life saver! I need at least a 60% on the final to maintain my C in the class! it doesnt sound too hard but i always do really bad on tests.
My zen is finally working! My ipod is now passed on to my brother and hello to 8GB of music! yaayyy! I'm so excited. I'm also very excited about this laptop i'm typing on! my uncle got it for my mom for some random reason after she had her surgery. I really hope i can take it to college with me because that would be wooonderful! I got into SF state and SJ state but i'll probably go to Sf state. I cant wait for moving day. seriously.
Friday was insane. i got a super papercut from the plastic part of a five star notebook. also 4th period was a train-wreck. honestly, im so dissapointed at annie. also im a tad disgusted.and im tired of it. and ive lost all respect after saturday. im alot of things right now. and i cant really describe whats going on in my head because theres just too much. i cant really say anything either. i dont really have a good reason for why i cant say anything. im hoping the problem will just go away if i ignore it. come august it will. and thank god for that day.
Also a boohoo for this month, colin moved away! to new mexico! oh durn. people always leave.
but manchester orchestra wont.

4th-Dec-2008 07:49 pm - fuck i hate this.
I just understand anything anymore. I feel so frustrated with everything this year. I thought it was the fact college applications were due and the stress of that makes me want to blow my head off with a Benelli Shotgun (I wonder if where you can get one.) Obviously I was wrong. I absolutely hate my senior year so far and I have no faith left in me anymore to make me believe things will look up sooner or later. Its not even the about the school work. Its everything else that I dislike so much. I am almost 100% sure that I'll get into SF State. 100%. And when that happens I'm going to cry for joy mostly. Of course I'll miss mostly everyone (everyone is 90% annie)  but it feels like I need a new start. Secretly, I dont want to be Kristen's roommate. I honestly wish I could find someone that I actually like as a person. Alas, It's most likely a pipe dream (whatever that means.) All this drama shit is just making me go insane because I'm not used to it. I liked it the way it was before and nothing is ever going to make it go back to the way it was. The only people that I really can complain to are people that dont really know the situation and are there just to listen. School work is a savior. I just love it. So much. Deadlines for journalism are a joke and all I do is slack off until last minute. Its weird that I tend to work better when theres panic and pressure to finish. Isnt that odd?

New years resolution: Learn to let go and to stop trying so hard.
also I really need to start my up senior project again.

16th-Nov-2008 10:35 pm - I'm tired.
I'm tired of all this shit.
I want Rhode Island right now.
16th-Oct-2008 09:57 pm(no subject)
A new slight obsession for me is Jun Matsumoto. I finished both season of hana yori dango and i just love it so much. I never realized how much the taiwanese version sucked. Shanley is sucking me into the world of asian dramas! Next is hana kimi i beleve and then its death note. Nothing will ever top Cillian Murphy but there has been a lack of Cillian news lately. Although I did draw a very nice drawing of him a week ago and i'll probably do one again of him for Art (or maybe Leon hmmm...) School has been alright I suppose. It doesnt feel like its as fun as last year but oh well. My least favorite classes are probably stats and english. soo very boring and i have a feeling mr. kwong doesnt like me very much.

Rice is very nice but its sooo tiresome. i'd rather have mr. gatten again and his montoneous voice. Government i dont really worry about and jablonski is so nice :D Art is fun and i'm not sure if i want to transfer to regular psychology again for second semester to learn everything for the third time. AP psych is easy peasy and i love mr. griffin. everything is just repeated over again and i have a slight advandage over all the HISP kids. (muhahaha.) Publications is fun too. I get to test out my super amazing entertainment writer skills. and the news paper comes out next week and im excited.

SAT scores are going to be posted next week and i really hope i did better this time. I'm very very confused about college applications and It appears i'm not going to apply to any UCs. I honestly dont want to but my mom just keep pushing me to apply to Davis. Its insane and impossible. My first choice right now is SF state. mostly CSUs are colleges i have in mind. I dont know what i want to major in. its a three way between Psychology, Journalism, and Criminology. Ahhh! and then the financial aid and scholarships! I dont even know if i can afford everything!
College Night is tommorow.

I'm also looking for a jobs right after applications are over. I need money and at this moment i have $0.78. total. I'm trying to be optomistic and hopefully get a call back from Freeport Bakery still. I mean come on! I had a second interview. But if it doesnt work out i'll move on and blah blah.

25th-Jun-2008 09:57 pm - 13th day.
so lets seee. i've been posting alot lately because i dont have alot to do on the computer when waiting for me to be tired to go to bed. so i just post random things that ive done today or whenever i didnt post. helping annie strip paint is almost over. we've got the cupboards left and then its off to sanding. the cirtrustrip is really painful if you get it on you. but at least i didnt get it that bad on me. yesterday elliot was over and i felt really out of place. annie and elliot probably wanted to be all mushy mushy and i tried to give them as much private time as possible. reeeeeallllyyyy awkward.
the first hour was really awkward because apparently it seemed like i hated elliot...? which i dont. maybe a dash of jealously that i now have to share the annie attention. but thats about it. maybe i push my sarcasm a little too far but its only because i dont know what else to say! so i tried my best to be nicer and such. i think it went well. we watched some videos on youtube and then batman on tv.
annie made me my CD and i cannot stop listening to the sweeney todd songs. agggghhhhh. such a bad idea to give me those songs. and alot of stars songs that i need to start listening to but i cant stop listening to johanna!
today was the first day i was in a church. i helped annie out with the church things for the summer blast. it was fun and lots of water and screaming kids. i really need to start back on the guitar. ive been taking too long of a break. but sadly i left the guitar at annies house. again! stupid jesse and darren with their stupid guitar/piano playing/singing. the church looks exactly like i imagined a church would be. but the outside kind of reminds me of a castle. and with the organ playing i was expecting dracula.
i got a really cool bracelet and pretty earrings at this one store. i dont know what its called but annies mom was nice enough to buy it for moi.
yaaay. tommorow is swimming with elliot and briana and annie. it will be fun and they can have their alone time then.
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